Bingo – A Fair Game

Many players are attracted to online bingo because of the ease and convenience of play, but many players who are new to online play are dubious about the software. They wonder if the game is fair of if they are in some way being cheated. They are told that the games are fair but they have no way of knowing that. The best they can do is be assured by the site management. Understanding a little about what a fair game is will help alleviate the player’s fears.

The fairness of a bingo game depends on the number selection process. The number selection process must result in the selection of numbers in an independent and random manner. The situation is best illustrated in land-based bingo where the bingo balls mix in a mixing chamber. When one of the balls is drawn into the tube, it is directed to the caller who announced the number. The players then cover the number where it appears. If the bingo balls are equally weighted, then each ball has the same opportunity of being drawn into the tube and called. There is no way of predicting which number will be called and no pattern to the calls. In this situation, every bingo card has the same chance of being the winning card.

When the bingo balls are not of equal weights, then the game is not a fair game. Each ball does not have the same chance of being selected since the lighter balls will float at the top of the mixing chamber and be drawn into the air tube and called more often than the heavier balls. There may be a pattern to the calls. The selection process is not random and independent – it depends on the weights of the balls. The cards having the numbers corresponding to the lighter numbers have a better chance of winning than do other cards and the alert player will soon learn to select cards having these numbers.

Online bingo software contains a program called the Random Number Generator (RNG) and this program generates number having the characteristics of randomness in an independent manner. This corresponds to the equally weighted ball situation. Online playing sites have their software tested for fairness and post this information on their website to alleviate the concerns of their players. Players can enjoy the games and activities at the online bingo site without worrying about game fairness.

Playing No Deposit Bingo

Bingo gaming has been a favorite past time of people in the world over. The game does not require any special skills and talents, thus making it all the more fun. Bingo is a game that is being enjoyed by people of all ages all over the world. It does not matter whether you are too old or too young, as long as you can recognize numbers, letters and know how to mark them, you are good to go. Bingo games can now be played online and you have the option to play it for free as an excellent way to pass the time, or you could even deposit some money and play for real cash.

There are some bingo players who would like to try out a certain site prior to depositing money into them. For these types of people, a no deposit bingo game would be the excellent answer for them. There are sites out there that do not require you to deposit a specific amount before you can play. Even better, they give you bonus money just for signing in. However, if you run out of cash, you would need to deposit a certain amount to continue playing.

In the case of Caesars Bingo, on you initial deposit they would give you a 200% bonus. Meaning, your money has been tripled. Depositing £50 would give you £150 all in all. That is a lot on money when it comes to online gaming. On you succeeding deposits, they would also have corresponding bonuses, in this case, a 50% cash match. They also have 75 and 90 ball bingo as well as many other online casino games.

Another great online bingo site would be Polo Bingo. The new player’s sign up bonus would be 300% and they will also give you a 75% cash match on your next four deposits. In Polo Bingo, you could win up to £2,000 in their daily free rooms and up to £1,000,000 in their Self made Millionaire game. On top of all that, you could recoup 5% of your losing bets every Sunday.

Playing online bingo is a great way to participate in this very entertaining activity without getting out of your house. You can play in your pyjamas. You can play while brushing your teeth. You could play any time you want. And the best part if that is, you get bigger chances of winning as compared to you old-fashioned game hall bingo.

75 Ball Bingo Rules And How To Play Guide

How to Play 75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo is the most common way to play bingo, based on the traditional North American version of the game. Introduced on a national scale in the 1930’s by toy manufacturer Edwin Lowe, 75-Ball Bingo is easily one of the most popular games among all age groups in the United States and beyond.

It’s not hard to learn how to play 75-Ball Bingo. So long as you can read numbers, you can play. 75-Ball Bingo is a game of sheer luck, with no real skill involved.

How to Play 75-Ball Bingo: Numbers

75-Ball Bingo is played with balls number 1-75, generally drawn randomly from a machine that uses a puff of air to bring one ball to the surface at a time. Other 75-Ball Bingo games involve an electronic number drawing, where a software program uses an RNG (random number generator) to select each number at random.

The numbers are displayed on a screen, made clearly visible to all players.

How to Play 75-Ball Bingo: Cards

A 75-Ball Bingo card is made up of 25 squares in a 5×5 grid. The very center square is the Free Space, marked “FREE”. This square is instantly marked off to assist in the completion of whatever 75-Ball Bingo pattern you might be playing. (See “How to Play 75-Ball Bingo: Patterns” below)

There are 5 columns down, each labeled with a letter; B-I-N-G-O. Each column will contain 5 random numbers (or 4 numbers in the case of the N column, because of the Free Space) within a 15-number range. The first column, the B, can only contain numbers ranging from 1-15; the I column 16-30; the N column 31-45; the G column 46-60; the O column 61-75.

How to Play 75-Ball Bingo: Patterns

The biggest difference between 75-Ball Bingo and its European cousin, 90-Ball Bingo, is the presence of pattern bingo games. Because the 75-Ball Bingo card has a 5×5 grid of random numbers, there are hundreds of patterns that can be applied. These include numbers, letters and shapes, like the coffee mug, umbrella or airplane, as well as things like 4-corners and coverall bingo.

Coverall is often played as a jackpot bingo game with bigger prizes on the line. The players must cover every single square on their bingo card to win.

How to Play 75-Ball Bingo: Playing the Game

To play 75-Ball Bingo, make sure you are first aware of the bingo pattern being played (it should be displayed on or next to the screen where the numbers are shown). Each time a number is called, the player looks over his/her card(s) for that number. For example, if B-13 is called, players look in the B column for a 13.

Whenever a called numbers appears on the card, it is daubed with a foam-tip marker, called a dauber.

How to Play 75-Ball Bingo: Winning

To win a game of 75-Ball Bingo, all you have to do is complete the bingo pattern being played on a single bingo card. Once all numbers within that pattern have been daubed, shout “Bingo!” the first person to correctly daub the complete pattern and shout “Bingo!” win the game.

How to Play 75-Ball Bingo: Online Bingo

Playing 75-Ball Bingo online is much easier than the live version, though it doesn’t really get your heart racing in the same manner. This is because players are not required to really do anything. An Auto-Daub feature can be used to instantly mark off all bingo cards, and the software even calls “Bingo!” for the winner(s) automatically. You can turn off Auto-daub to have a more realistic live bingo experience.

Most players choose to keep the Auto-Daub feature on because it allows them to participate in the online bingo chat, or play side games like slots, video poker and other casino style games. This helps break the monotony of a standard 75-Ball Bingo game with a more entertaining distraction, especially for avid online bingo players.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Online Bingo

There are a number of free sites as well as paid sites that offer online bingo. At the free sites all you need to do is just sign up and start playing. While at the paid sites, you would also need to fill in your membership fee before you can get started. The popularity of the game on the Internet has made it into a $10 billion industry.

Some of the advantages of the game are

The online bingo games are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all through the year. This means that you can easily play the games at your convenience. Now you don’t need to go to the casino in order to play the games.

The bingo games are available for all type of players. Whether you are a beginner or advanced players, there are several sites where you can play the game. Almost all websites have tutorials or a help section that teach the rules of the games. Players can always use these tips in order to play the game. As the player becomes proficient, they can move on to more complex games. Each player can play according to his or her own skill set.

Players can always play on the free bingo sites, before they start playing on the paid sites. In this way, they can be sure that they don’t lose any money. Most paid sites also offer the players some real cash bonus on signup that they can use for playing the games. A player can play with a single card or a multiple card according to their choice.

There are several facilities such as auto-daub and auto bingo, where the online poker site can match the winning combination as displayed on the screen. In case the player has a winning combination, the auto bingo facility will even call out ‘bingo’.

Some disadvantages of online bingo

Till the time online bingo is played for fun, the players have nothing to lose. However if the games start getting addictive for the players then it can spell trouble. People can start betting heavily and if they lose, they can run up enormous debts. This can impact their financial future also.

Children and elderly are especially vulnerable. Don’t leave them unattended for too long with the computer. Many child molesters are known to frequent these sites. They can easily entice the children though the use of chat rooms. It’s important that parents should known that their children are interacting with.

There are also a number of Internet sites that aren’t genuine bingo sites. Once they get hold of your credit card and other financial details, they can use it to fund their own activities. For this reason, players should only go to trusted sites that have been operational for a long time. Playing online bingo is fun, but players shouldn’t become addictive, else it can have serious financial and other consequences.